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      1. AV LLC

        Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC

        Helping people move through life with driverless transportation solutions.

        We’re bringing a history of automotive experience into the future of autonomous mobility.

        We are driven by our mission to serve, and operate on the belief that we all work better, together.

        Get to know us

        TaaS Software

        Karen Langona

        AV TaaS Manager

        Karen’s team of software engineers creates digital assets for our AV services. Her team ran our Miami pilots with Domino’s Pizza, and developed the Rider App and other systems used for Miami ridehail pilots. Karen started her career in academia, teaching at University of Michigan, but her passion for new applications in technology and business brought her to the AV, LLC.

        Digital Experience

        Headshot of Doron Elliott

        Doron Elliott

        Digital Experience Software Manager

        Doron leads our software developers in redefining the autonomous transportation experience. His team is responsible for setting our digital direction. As a Detroit native and Downtown resident, Doron likes to bike to work. He’s been working in the automotive industry for over 15 years, and is excited by the new opportunities of autonomy.

        User Experience

        Bess Anderson

        Product Owner - Moving Goods

        Bess has a background in Anthropology and Human-Computer Interaction. As a UX Product Owner, she uses these combined skills to direct product strategy from concept to launch. She enjoys the multidisciplinary team atmosphere she’s found at the AV LLC. Bess is involved in southeast Michigan’s bicycle community, and volunteers at her local Farmer’s Market bicycle repair stand.


        Shashwat Patel

        Business Strategy Manager

        When Shashwat left his banking job in San Francisco to join our Business Strategy team, he was pleasantly surprised by how much he loved Detroit. Moving to the city and working on the future of mobility has given him a lot of Detroit pride. Shashwat keeps a pulse on partnership opportunities and strategizes cities for our vehicles to operate in.


        Dave Sanabria

        AV Marketing Director

        Dave oversees our brand and AV customer experience, thinking through people’s passions and pain points to curate the customer journey. He grew up in Corktown, the downtown neighborhood of our Detroit office and he’s happy to be back home working on the future. He loves BMX’ing on his 5’ ramp in his garage and spending time with his family in the Motor City.


        Bo Wu

        AV Platform Systems Engineer

        Bo has always worked on cutting edge vehicle engineering concepts—from the earliest days of electric drive, to driver assist technology that helps keep people safe. She’s motivated to innovate ways to change the future of safety and sustainability, and considers herself lucky to be working toward these goals.

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