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      1. Opportunities for Students & Recent Grads

        When you join Ford Motor Company, your journey begins. You become part of skilled and motivated teams making inspired products that create a better world. If that sounds extraordinary to you, you may have just reached the end of your career search. Check out our programs for students and recent graduates.

        “One of the best aspects of working as an engineer at Ford is that you never know where the job will take you.”

        Programs for Students and Recent Graduates


        Internship Program

        The Ford Summer Internship Program provides students with hands-on, career-specific experience through full-time work during summer break (from early-May through the end of August). Students are engaged in networking and educational activities throughout their internship to gain exposure to senior level management and to learn more about Ford, our values and career opportunities.

        Most Summer Interns will have just completed their junior year of an undergraduate program or one academic year of a Master's program and are expecting to graduate the following year. Generally, candidates are selected for having top academic standing, as well as exceptional leadership, communication and self-motivation skills.

        Ford College Graduate

        Ford College Graduate Program

        A great way to go further with Ford is to join the company through the Ford College Graduate (FCG) program – or, as it’s called in Finance, the Career Foundation Program (CFP). Most departments offer these programs, which provide recent college graduates a variety of rotational job assignments during their first few years with Ford Motor Company.

        Through the rotational assignments, the programs’ objective is to strengthen the FCG's or CFP's business acumen and technical skills through rapid exposure to varied business activities.

        Upon completion of the program, the FCG or CFP “graduates” and is placed within his or her home department to continue building a career at Ford.

        To learn more about Ford's Product Development FCG program, click here.

        To learn more about Ford’s Manufacturing FCG program, click here.


        Co-Op Program

        Ford’s Cooperative Education Program (Co-Op) helps students transition into the high-performing, inclusive workforce required to meet the engineering needs of tomorrow. Co-Ops participating in this program get the hands-on experience needed for career growth and excellence in a variety of engineering disciplines.

        Over multiple semesters, Co-Ops are assigned to various areas within the PD and Manufacturing organizations to help define their professional interests, while demonstrating technical ability and leadership skills. Upon graduating, participants who’ve demonstrated the requisite skills to contribute to the organization's success will be considered for available openings matching their background and interests.

        Our Co-Op program is a three-way partnership with Ford, the student and the university. Eligible candidates must be actively pursuing BS or MS Engineering degrees at universities offering Co-Op programs.

        Marketing Leadership

        Marketing Leadership Program

        Populated by curious and driven individuals, the Marketing Leadership Program (MLP) is designed to launch the careers of Ford’s future marketing leaders with riveting assignments, a diverse network, and accelerated advancement opportunities. This rotational program, birthed in 1989, has established dozens of dedicated senior executives and continues to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

        IT Leadership

        IT Leadership Program

        The IT Leadership Program (ITLP) attracts, develops and promotes top talent from both within and outside of Ford IT, enhancing the candidate pipeline for IT leadership positions. The program consists of experienced IT talent with demonstrated outstanding results, competencies, education and leadership behaviors, as well as an interest in driving innovation throughout Ford.

        Each ITLP participant is assigned an Executive Sponsor (IT Director level) and a Mentor (Senior Management level). A typical participant will rotate through three one-year rotations before completing the program.

        Ford Business Leader

        Ford Business Leader Program

        Grow essential management skills and accelerate your development as a future leader through the Ford Business Leader Program, our individually tailored general management rotational program. Whether your passion is Advanced Product Marketing or Revenue Management, this customized program is designed for the bold and innovative student who desires to lead at all levels and drive meaningful change.

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