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      1. Diversity & Inclusion

        Ford invites us to bring our whole selves – all of our passion, inspiration, integrity and uniqueness – into the office each day.

        Our belief

        Our diversity makes us a stronger, more innovative team.

        We are focused on three strategic priorities within Diversity and Inclusion.

        Woman and man having a discussion.

        Leading the Way

        Working with our leaders to reinforce the strong connection and value that diversity brings to the business results and employee experience, establishing specific diversity goals, and externally/internally communicating Ford’s best practices and opportunities.

        Five Ford employees fist bumping.

        Diverse Workforce

        Attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce. Be intentional on developing a leadership pipeline and building diverse groups at all levels of the organization.


        Diverse Ford employees with their hands around each other in a huddle.

        Respectful and Inclusive Culture

        Embracing Our Truths to foster an environment where employees can be themselves and have the flexibility to do their best work.

        Our strategic priorities

        It is important that we embed our Diversity and Inclusion strategies into every part of our company to leverage our innovative workforce, compete in the marketplace and serve the community. Diversity and Inclusion is a collaborative effort across our entire enterprise. Here are just a few examples:

        Leading the way

        Work-life flexibility programs and benefits

        The challenges of a dynamic environment of intensifying global competition and a changing set of employee needs and expectations present us with many strategic opportunities. Our inclusive work-life programs provide us with a viable means to meet our business challenges while offering high employee engagement and satisfaction.

        To ensure success with our work-life programs, we equip our employees with cutting-edge IT productivity and communication tools that transform them into virtual digital workers. The benefits of such inclusive programs lead to increased productivity, innovation, quality and profitability, as well as greater job satisfaction and commitment.

        Inclusion at work

        Ford invites employees and partners to bring our whole selves — all our passion, inspiration, integrity, and uniqueness — into the office. Our diversity makes us a stronger, more innovative team – by bringing in fresh ideas, perspectives, experiences and life responsibilities, and by fostering a truly collaborative workplace.

        Throughout the history of Ford Motor Company, inclusion has been as much a part of the company's success as the great products our diverse employee base has created.

        When we say that Ford is a leader in diversity, this isn't just our opinion. We have received numerous awards in recent years from publications and organizations recognizing the value the company places on building a diverse and inclusive culture. Read more about external recognition of Ford’s diversity achievements and what Ford is doing to be a more inclusive company.

        Ford’s commitment to a respectful and inclusive workforce is also evident in our Zero Tolerance Policy. This policy reinforces Ford’s commitment to a safe, respectful, harassment-free work environment for all of our employees, at all locations. Simply put, harassment of any kind is not tolerated in the workplace. We begin with the belief that trust in our brand, and in each other, comes from acting with integrity and transparency. We foster safe, inclusive work environments that create freedom to be our whole selves and do our best work.

        Ford joins CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion 

        In October 2018, Ford joined the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge which aims to rally the business community to advance Diversity and Inclusion within the workplace by working collectively across organizations and sectors. The CEO Action pledge outlines specific actions companies participating can take to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected.  

        Gender inclusion:

        Women are significantly underrepresented in the tech industry which is why we have partnered with different organizations such as MARC (Men Advocating Real Change). MARC is an immersive program focused on engaging men in the inclusion conversation, in order to raise awareness and increase women advocacy.

        We recognize the need to support women by offering best-in-class benefits like flexible working, extended paternity leave, and career coaching. Ford has made some significant changes to key policies while expanding some programs and continuing to focus on growing internal networks. In addition, our CEO has an Employee Engagement Framework that includes a focus on high potential women. 

        For more information about what Ford is doing to be a more inclusive company, please read our Sustainability Report.

        Diverse workforce

        Inclusive hiring

        Ford always explores new opportunities to seek top talent globally with innovative ideas to help us compete. Whether a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, our employees are on the forefront of developing technologies that have a positive impact on the lives of our customers and contribute to a better world. We seek the best and the brightest from all over the globe by participating in a multitude of diverse career fair events. 

        Inclusive hiring programs

        • FordWorks: FordWorks has partnered with Upbound at Work for the hiring, pre-employment screening, training and on the job support of individuals who identify as having a disability. Click here to learn more.

        • Re-Entry: Ford's Re-Entry program aims to help career re-launchers get back into the workforce. The program is looking for candidates who have taken a voluntary career break or have been underemployed for two or more years. Ford offers Re-Entry candidates a full-time position while providing tools to successfully re-enter into the workforce. Click here to learn more.

        In the United States, Ford has formal partnerships with professional organizations that strive to generate a diverse talent pipeline for the company:

        Ford Motor Company is an equal opportunity employer committed to a culturally diverse workforce. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status or protected veteran status. Ford Motor Company also is committed to take affirmative action to employ and advance in employment such persons. 

        EEO is the Law Notice
        EEO is the Law Supplement Notice   
        Accessibility For Applicants with Disabilities

        Respectful & inclusive culture

        Employee Resource Groups

        Ford has demonstrated a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion by endorsing and leveraging the power of our Employee Resource Groups, various organizations of employees who share similar characteristics or life experiences and desire to use those similarities to create cross-functional workplace connections, provide professional development and advance business imperatives.


        Read more about each Employee Resource Group at Ford.

        Ford Motor Company Fund

        As the philanthropic arm of Ford, Ford Fund’s mission is to strengthen communities and help make people’s lives better. Working with Ford dealers and nonprofit partners, Ford Fund provides access to opportunities and resources that help people reach their full potential.

        Ford Fund supports Ford’s vision of becoming the world’s most trusted company by investing in programs that:

        • Support education - Ford Fund invests more than $16 million each year to support initiatives that empower students to achieve academic success and inspire them to lead change in their communities or in their own lives.
        • Promote safe driving - Its signature Ford Driving Skills for Live program teaches newly-licensed and teen drivers the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what they learn in standard driver education programs.
        • Enrich community life - For 70 years, Ford Fund has been supporting or creating programs that feed the hungry, provide disaster relief, assist military veterans, support arts and culture initiatives and celebrate the diversity that strengthens communities.
        • Encourage employee volunteering - Every year, tens of thousands of Ford employees volunteer in more than 1,500 community service projects worldwide through the Ford Volunteer Corps. In total, employees have logged more than 1.3 million volunteer hours across six continents since 2005. 

        Our work across these four areas is rooted in Ford’s longstanding commitment to making a positive impact on society and builds on Henry Ford’s legacy of helping create strong communities wherever Ford does business. Since 1949, Ford Fund has invested more than $2 billion to strengthen communities and make people’s lives better in more than 60 countries around the world.

        However, Ford Fund’s commitment goes far beyond writing checks. Whether mentoring social entrepreneurs, supporting multicultural initiatives or helping communities rebuild in the wake of a natural disaster, we personally connect at a grassroots level with Ford dealers and other partners to help people in need.

        Read more about Ford Fund and Community Services.

        Dealer diversity

        Diversity and Inclusiveness is part of Ford’s DNA, and growing a strong minority presence in our dealerships remains a key focus. At year-end 2018, Ford had 168 minority-owned dealerships, which represents 5 percent of our 3,201 U.S. Ford and Lincoln dealerships. We continue to work with our Ford Minority Dealers Association to sustain and strengthen our current minority dealer portfolio with dedicated resources to increase profitability. Together, we are directing efforts toward growing the minority ranks of dealership management and employment to better reflect the community and to facilitate a greater number of future minority dealer principals.

        Supplier Diversity Development

        When Ford Motor Company’s Supplier Diversity Development program launched in 1968, it was one of the first programs of its kind in the United States. Ford recognized that it had a social responsibility to provide business opportunities to diverse communities that had been historically, socially and economically disadvantaged.

        In 1978, at the direction of Henry Ford II, the program identified high-potential minority entrepreneurs and assisted them in growing their companies to competitive positions in the automotive industry. Having achieved success in the minority business community, Ford expanded its program in 1995 to include women-owned businesses and encouraged their growth. In 2013, Ford added veteran-owned businesses to its diversity program. Since launch of the program, Ford has spent more than $120 billion with diverse suppliers.

        Our Supplier Diversity Development program is nationally recognized for its leadership in supply chain sustainability and continually strives to manifest its tradition of corporate social responsibility and elevate its business objectives consistent with the program’s guiding principles:

        • To deliver extraordinary support and assistance to certified minority,
          women and veteran-owned businesses, LGBT and disabled business owners and small businesses that have been historically, socially and economically disadvantaged.
        • To create business opportunities and initiatives that enable diverse
          suppliers to grow into profitable and sustainable enterprises.
        • To ensure Ford’s supply base reflects the company’s workforce and customer base.

        Read more about Supplier Diversity Development

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