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      1. Our Culture

        Culture is the sum of the backgrounds and experiences of our entire team. It includes all of the beliefs we hold and the practices and the actions we undertake each and every day to drive business results. We are continuously striving to enhance our culture as we work to make Ford Motor Company the world’s most trusted company, delivering smart vehicles for a smart world.

        These truths guide how we live, act and communicate. They keep us focused on what matters most.

        Our Truths


        We are a company driven by purpose. Whether it's our customers, employees, partners, or communities, we obsess about the wants and needs of people to drive human progress. 


        We begin with the belief that trust in our brand, and in each other, comes from acting with integrity and transparency. We foster safe, inclusive work environments that create freedom to be our whole selves and do our best work. 

        BE CURIOUS

        We approach the world and each other with a sense of interest and wonder. We are humble enough to know we can learn from every situation, and actively question to understand and think critically.


        We cultivate meaningful change to optimize today and create tomorrow. We look ahead in our focal length and bring clarity to the future. We solve problems creatively, accept risk, and experiment boldly.


        We accept challenges and overcome them with confidence, courage, and optimism. We put the world on wheels, embracing disruption to evolve. We are resilient and in it for the long haul.

        PLAY TO WIN

        We are accountable. We are in business to create value, and we celebrate when we do. We are focused on our competitive fitness, efficiency and agility. We make quality decisions, and are each empowered to deliver excellence.

        ONE FORD

        We rely on, respect, and care for each other. We build networks and partner without boundaries. We welcome everyone's unique contributions, communicate candidly, and work together as ONE team - we are a family.

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